Here's what our critics say

Katherine and I loved the Ballet and the artistry of all the performers... The venue was excellent and you sold out the house... WOW... Congratulations on a job more than well done... It was Stellar... Thank You ♥

W. Guse

Convergence Ballet's DEBUT Dancers, you shared a stellar evening of dance!! The passionate work of the Board Members helped to create a 1st class event! BRAVO!! My personal gratitude to the dancers that gave their commitment to my choreography... You danced my piece wonderfully! Every one of you performed it with an open heart..... I couldn't ask for more. I shall miss you but will hold the hope of working with you again.

D. Hunt

A heartfelt BRAVO to Jennifer Cafarella and her dancers of Convergence Ballet for an outstanding Encore performance at the Mesa Arts Center. Convergence offers an opportunity for top dancers (including several from Ballet Arizona) to keep in shape, learn new choreography — and make some money during the summer months, when most companies close their
doors during the hot season. A smart move — and what a treat.

M. Sarda

Congratulations on an extremely successful assemblage of physical artistry in Metempsychosis. From the playful and creatively charged choreography, to the strong technique and commitment of all of the dancers, to the joy and awe of the audience (in particular two young red-headed twins whom we had the great pleasure to sit beside), there was a powerful theatrical presentation of excellent dance in Tempe this weekend.

In particular, I enjoyed the free playful moments while either seeking a golden shoe, or lining up in a group of four; the use of the waltz time to build then break choreographic patterns; the drastic change of perspective from high to very low; and the surprising and jarring ease with which a hip-hop/locking infused choreography was performed.

While I haven't been in a dance class for years (I do remember a Butoh class with Miho Nikaido in which we yearned for a shoe) I do remember regularly attending the NYU grad and undergrad dance pieces for inspiration as a young artist, and my brain and body were responding this weekend just as they used to--empathetically and energetically. Thank you for that experience.

I hope that the weekend of shows was everything you all wanted it to be. Congratulations; excellent work, everyone.

B. Foley

At the moment I am in Chicago thinking about your magnificent dance performance. You are a most talented artistic director! Now that I have been to one of your performances, I will be an avid follower. Please be sure to keep my email for dance performance notices. Mainly I wanted to congratulate you on a very impressive performance.

J. Rubin

Home from an enjoyable afternoon of dance shared by Convergence Ballet!! Wonderful performances by the dancers and diverse voices from 3 exciting contemporary choreographers!! Congratulation, Jennifer Cafarella and Company!!! Now go relax and enjoy a much deserved celebration.

D. Hunt