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Providing Leaps In Elementary School

In August, 2017, Ballet Theatre of Phoenix launched the PLIÉS Program (Providing Leaps In Elementary School). This program, partnership with Loma Linda Elementary School, provides underserved students in our neighborhood with full immersion in a world-class arts education in Classical Ballet.

The PLIÉS Program selects 8 second-graders to train in Primary 3 level of Ballet Theatre of Phoenix’s Classical Ballet Program. Students are selected based on need, passion for dance, and merit. Each subsequent year, we continue to support the students in the program as they advance through the levels, as well as select a new group of second-graders to begin in Primary 3.

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A Transformative Experience for All

The Ballet Theatre of Phoenix PLIÉS Program provides the students and their families with everything they need to be successful and fully immerse them in our Classical Ballet Training Program for the entire school-year and future years to come. Students are given uniforms and healthy snacks to help them perform their best, train in the same classes as our other students, and perform on stage in Ballet Theatre of Phoenix productions as well as alongside Convergence Ballet Company.

A ballet education builds skills necessary for success in school and in any profession – vocabulary development, memorization, critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, goal setting, and discipline are just some. The performance aspect, rehearsals, and time on stage prepare students to handle pressure and present themselves with confidence. Students in PLIÉS train at the highest level of the art by compassionate teachers who are certified in the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. Participating in the PLIÉS Program gives students a chance to develop new skills and explore their artistry.



The PLIÉS Program connects the Loma Linda Elementary School Community to their local arts community through family and teacher involvement, opportunities to watch the children perform in-studio and on-stage, as well as by providing performances at assemblies featuring Ballet Theatre of Phoenix students and Convergence Ballet Company dancers for all Loma Linda students to see.



Partial funding provided by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture through appropriations from the Phoenix City Council

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